If you come to Baños, Mercedes Restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy the best views. It is situated in the higher part of the city, on the hill, near the Cemetery, from where you are able to appreciate the waterfall and the Basilica of the Virgin of the Holy water to the east, along with all of the centre of Baños, and the heights of Bellavista and Runtun. To the south, are the heights of Ventanas, with its viewpoints and statue of the Virgin. To the north, the Illuchi mountain, the sector of the Antennas, the enigmatic Llanganates where there is rumoured to be hidden gold from the last Incan Emperor Atahualpa, and the canyon where the River Pastaza flows through on its way to the Amazon.

In 1969, Mrs. Mercedes, on seeing that the newly arriving tourism in Baños was short of dining options, decided to open a restaurant with healthy, natural and homemade food. Her jams of blackberry, apple, pineapple and orange each had unique homemade flavours, her apple cakes were very well known, her famous Vegetable Casserole was named in traveller guides such as the South American Handbook, and her most desirable Chateaubriand with mushroom sauce with its unrivalled flavour became a milestone in the culinary art of the city.

Over the last few years, Baños has experienced an amazing transformation and now has a wide variety of establishments with different types of food.

Mercedes Restaurant recently reopened its doors, to the highest standards of quality and hygiene, with its vegetarian food, varieties of meat and chicken dishes, and selected fish dishes, with the personal attention of the second generation of the Perez family, Marcela and Rodrigo, who are professionals with many years of experience in the hotel, food and tourism industries in the mountainous region of Ecuador.

With its friendly family atmosphere, the place is well suited to enjoy and share with your friends and family. With us you will feel in your own home and will find peace and tranquillity from the cordial attention of the owners.

Whilst you wait for your food, you will be able to take a trip down memory lane, through admiring our collection of antique photos of Baños that used to belong to the Hotel Palace, where Marcela used to work for a number of years, and which were kindly donated by Doctor Roberto Mastalir.

Calle Luis A. Martinez s/n y Sebastian Baño, diagonal al Cementerio - Baños – Tungurahua – Ecuador - Teléfonos: 593-32741745 - 0984858111 - 0988677421